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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Holiday Bible Club- Half Term

Frome Holiday Bible Club is holding an afternoon at the Cricket Club this coming Thursday 18th February. A great opportunity for children to do something with a Christian focus during half term. More details from Yvonne at Wesley Office.

Healing on the Streets update

HOTS in Frome are still going out regularly to pray for healing. Although not part of FACT as such they have our blessing to explore this ministry and they hope that they can join us as full FACT members at some stage in the future.

Edmund Philimore writes of their progress and I thought it would be good to share it with you all :

The HOTS Frome team have now been out in Kingsway 12 times, sustaining our aim to be out on to mornings each month (normally 1st Saturday and 3rd Thursday). While the pattern is broadly the same, each morning has been different and special in its own way.

January was quiet, as we managed to survive the cold for 1 1/2 hours, praying with several people on each occasion. This last Saturday seven us went out, and it looked as if nobody was going to respond, until after the first 3/4 hour people began asking for prayer. By the end of the morning we had prayed for over ten people, most of who accepted our invitation to sit on one of our chairs

We rarely hear how God has answered prayers for such needs, but trust that he does in his time and in his way. So it is good when occasionally someone does come back and say that prayer has been answered.

Then there is the more general witness to passers by, people that we know. We are encourgaed by those who tell us that they too pray or are Christians. One such was the Rural Dean of a neighbouring deanery who was interested to hear what we were doing. Then there are people who say thank you for doing this even if they do not need prayer. And on one January morning there was the young lady who said she did not need prayer but would like to pray for us, and did so meaningfully.

All of these things encourgae us, and the team is in good heart. We enjoy the privilege of being able to talk to people on the street and pray with some, looking fr greater things in the future. This evening Monday we are meeting for fellowship, prayer and mutual encouragement, something we are aiming to three times a year - most are busy with other church commitments.

HOPEFrome Update

Lots of the practical work which the churches of Frome and the surrounding area do, is done through HOPEFrome.

The team recently came up with the things which they want to do for 2010 and how they want to further develop those which are already in place.

The coffee van is going to always run on alternate Fridays outside St John's. New helpers needed. Its great fun and worthwhile and you will see a different side to Frome which might help you think of mission in a different way from previously.

The next litter pick is going to happen on March 6th ( see posters in your church ! ) with start points across town.

An exciting new venture is a fortnightly litter pick. For details contact Simon Povey.

There will also be a First Aid Training session organised on Feb 20th contact St Mary's for details.

5 Year Plan update

Plans are going apace and your prayers are asked for those who are tasked with drawing this up.

One significant change to the timetable. It was decided at the leader's lunch meeting yesterday that the plan should be presented at the May 11th AGM but not come into force until 1st September 2010 when all church committess, councils and decision making groups will have had a chance to discuss it and formally approve it. So the plan will get presented at the AGM with the intention that each church/congregation ratifies it during the following few months.

In the meantime do please consider these two questions 1) What do you see as the priorities for FACT for the next 5 years in each of these key areas a ) Worshipping and Praying Together b ) Mission Together c ) Exporing our beliefs together d) Working for the Common Good Together 5 ) Communicating Together.
These priorities can cross each other and need not change from year to year. If you want your say see your leader and say what you think the priorities should be. This is needed for 23rd March at latest.
2 ) What should FACT do for each of these key areas in terms of activities. Think of the things which we do already and why we do them. Which would you get rid of ? What would you replace them with ? Any ideas for new activities? This needs to be sent to an exec member or myself
by 17th April.

This is your chance to say how you think FACT should work in the next 5 years and continue its journey of exploration, mission and unity.

Lent Lunches

Lent is almost upon us and as well as the Lent Courses which start on Monday 22nd, FACT organises Lent Lunches on each Thursday starting this week ! They are at St John's 12.30pm -1.30pm and a different church or churches organises them each week. Doing them on the Thursdays means that we get 7 in ! The proceeds from this £3 head simple meal ( children under 11 eat free and as its half term this week a good chance to get a cheap family lunch out ! ) are split two ways 1 ) Disasters Emergency Committee and 2 ) The FACT Youth Worker Fund.

Last year it raised hundreds for each charity. A simple yet effective way to do the alms and fasting parts of our Lenten good works.