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We are :
From various churches
Assisting and serving our communities
Christians working together
To make a difference

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Is anyone reading the blog????

Just wondered if anyone is reading the blog and whether people find it useful. Would be good if you could leave a comment and tell me if you are reading it and if you're a FACT person or someone who has picked it up on the WWW
Just a thought !!!


  1. Hi there, I sometimes run into this blog, I am Methodist and like this idea of churches working together, though I don't live in Frome, but would like to pay a visit some day.
    Best Regards


  2. Today, 6th November 2010, I set out to update the FACT Website. I found the Wesley Site which linked here. However, no link to Wesley is here.

    I then read your blogs from last to here and am responding - at last!!