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Friday, 4 December 2009

The Specatular !!!

Thanks to all you turned out in terrible weather last Sunday. We certainly made an impact because we hadn't stayed at home and stayed dry. We had the courage of our convictions and 100 or so Christians marching together certainly got home the message of what Christmas is all about. It was interesting that one or two of the passengers of passing cars felt the need to heckle. As was pointed out to me though, we were warned by Our Lord that we would suffer such things, and thats light compared to what some people have to suffer for their faith. I overheard someone saying how good it was that our light is used to light the fireworks at the end, making the message and link even clearer. Well done to you all and to Sue and her team from the Town Council, who have been so supportive of the idea of our greater involvement. Make a date in your diary now the next one is Advent Sunday 2010 and its minuted as such as now being the date for this event, i.e not by date but by title !

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