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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Week of Prayer - Round up

It was potentially a hectic week and no-one expected anyone to do the lot !

It was good to hear that some people made it to the "Come and See" services which were put on in our various churches last week. Hopefully next year more people will take the plunge and pop along, I know this is not place for reviews but I wonder if we needed some more evening ones.

It was lovely to go and use the stations of the Cross at St John's and that sharing of that resource is something I would like to persue.

We had a good service on Sunday evening, thanks to Graham and his team. One thing we do need to look at during the review of FACT's work and priorities is how we get more people along, to experience this important aspect of Unity.

Do try and get along sometime this year to another Church's worship and experience the Diversity and indeed the Unity.

On that note, when I was at the URC I noticed that the structure of their non-communion Sunday worship shares a lot in common with the RC mass. A strange feeling of unity with diversity struck me and I am sure that if we all went somewhere else just once, we would see the similarities rather than the differences leaping out at us.

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