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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wesley Methodist Church Frome

Wesley Methodist Church is a prominent building for anyone approaching Frome. Situated as it is on the main road into Frome from Shepton Mallet, and being square in shape and different in style to all the buildings around it, it certainly stands out.
Built in 1812, using some stone from the earlier chapel of 1779 where John Wesley himself preached. It was extensively restored in 1871. The interior originally a two level chapel with a large gallery with a large organ at one end, and the main preaching area below. In the 1980's a major development was the creation of an upstairs worship chapel by putting a floor in at gallery level. This allowed the lower levels to be converted into meeting rooms. A major redecoration project was needed following smoke damage after an arson attack but this has only served to enhance the beauty of the ceiling and the other fine features of the chapel's interior.
You too can take a look at Wesley's interior when it is open this coming Friday as part of Heritage Day.
Address : Wesley Slope, Frome

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