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Friday, 25 September 2009

I've Done All I Can !

Hi, I didn't ever intend to use the Blog to say personal things from me, but I am going to do it just once ! I have done all I can to get the publicity and arrangements done for the Bible Marathon, it's taken hours and hours of work, and many have responded. It just seems that we are however going to fall short and its not worth doing if we can't do it how we intended, with the whole Bible read continuously. I know some people have tried really hard, and got names and are still trying hard but other congregations haven't even heard of it yet. "O I haven't got round to it yet" has been said to me several times ( the forms went out in mid August ) I know we are all busy and I know we have been trying to get people to sign up for other stuff too but I really feel we are at crunch time. I've done all I can and feel extremely stressed ( as I know now that even if the names flood in over the weekend, I will be pushed to get the paperwork done in time so people can get sponsors, the forms are printed but the names and times need to be written on and they need to be delivered preferably before Sunday )

Someone called me Captain Efficency recently, well I feel at the moment like my superpowers are deserting me, and I need all the Christians of Frome to come to my rescue. After all, we're not doing this for me or ourselves, but for the people of Zimbabwe. All in all I am in a complete state about it and don't know what to do now for the best. Perhaps you could phone or email your opinions, I need some support and advice on this one.

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