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Friday, 18 September 2009

Home Mission Sunday

This coming Sunday is Home Mission Sunday in the RC Church. We are all called to be missionaries, and although we will not all go out and be what has been traditionally seen as missionaries abroad ( although of course there are many amongst our numbers in FACT churches who have done just that ! ) we are all called to serve as missionaries to our local communities and to all we meet. Christ's "Go out into the world, proclaim the Good News and make disciples of all the nations" is the Great Commission not the Great Suggestion ! Its not an optional add on, its part of our vocation as members of the elect and baptised.

There are lots of ways in which we can do this, and its often the actions we do as Christians, which are more missionary than the services we hold. Indeed the theme for this year's Home Mission Sunday is "They will know me by the Good works, that you do"

As FACT churches we give all the Christians of Frome Area the chance to do this all year around in a lot of different ways. So many in fact that when I was asked recently, to write an article on FACT for Somerset Churches Together Newsletter, I forgot several things and went over the word limit. What will you do next?

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