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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Executive Meeting and Sign up for the Bible Marathon

Please pray for your executive members as they meet tomorrow night. Lots of important decisions are needing to be made at the meeting, and we pray the Holy Spirit will be with us as we make them.

If you haven't signed up for the Bible Reading Marathon please do so as we are short by quite a way for all the slots.

It might help you to know that Bishop Peter Maurice will be reading at 10am Thursday, Methodist District Chairman Ward Jones will be reading at 2pm on Thursday and URC SW Synod Moderator David Grosh-Miller at 5.45pm on Saturday. A chance to meet your local leaders in an initmate setting rather than the usual big gatherings, so why not sign up !

By the way, Bishop Declan Lang and Baptist Regional Minister Nigel Coles both send their apologies and best wishes for the project.

Remember this is your chance to be part of something big and more importantly help the people of Zimbabwe.


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