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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Cheese Show Refreshment News !

Thanks to all who have offered help at the tent ( its not too late to help out, you could even just turn up and offer whoever is helping at that time )

Health and Safety new rules gave Jill a headache on Monday and after consultation and discussion ( as I drove up to the CTE Forum, what a blessing mobiles can be ) we decided to serve only cold drinks. This is because it was too time consuming to get our boilers and rings etc checked out and certified, in the time available before Saturday. This is another good reason for a lay person to take on roles such as the Cheese Show Tent co-ordinator, pastors don't have the spare time to give when a crisis arises.

Please consider taking on the co-ordinator role for next year, or we might have to say we can't do this project.

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