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Saturday, 22 August 2009

FACT Bible Reading Marathon for Zimbabwe

Hopefully you will have heard of this major event by now through your clergy/leader or from your Exec rep. In a nutshell we are going to read the Bible outloud, cover to cover starting at 8am on Thursday 8th October and ending at 11am Sunday 11th October as the Cheese and Grain service starts. It is a sponsored event to raise money for the crisis hit people of Zimbabwe, which we will send through the appeal launched by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and administered by USPG

We need people who will volunteer to do one or maybe more 15 minute slots during the Marathon. You don't need to be the best reader in the world. You can sit to do it, you can bring your family ! Its the easiest volunteering opportunity ever. Please sign up in your church or get in contact with me. To help you here are the venues :

Thursday 8th Oct 8am -8pm Christ Church

Friday 9th Oct 8am-8pm St John's

Saturday 10th Oct 8am-10am Wesley
10am -5pm Town Centre ( in conjunction with HOPEFrome River clean up)
5pm -8pm Holy Trinity

Sunday 11th Oct 8am -11am Cheese and Grain

Overnight sessions will be held 8am-8pm at St Catharines

Do sign up, 15 minutes isn't a lot to ask to help the people of Zimbabwe in what is fast becoming their darkest hour. Also, think about it, you will be able to say exactly where you were when people in the future ask "Where were you when FACT read the whole Bible ?"

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