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Thursday, 20 August 2009

FACT Youth Worker Fund Appeal

Most of you will know that for a few years now we have as FACT being paying for a part-time youth worker. His wages have been paid from the Youth Worker Fund which started in an extremely healthy position but is now at the stage where funds are so low, that unless something changes soon, we will have to let Mark go. It is only fair on Mark as a husband and new father ( congratulations to Mark and Clare ) that we give him as much notice as possible and therefore we are now at the point of saying that unless the fund gets a huge top up, then we will sadly have to let Mark go. THIS WOULD BE A TRAGEDY !!! I am not exaggerating here, Mark has done a fantastic job and has a way with young people which few of the rest of us could hope to get near. His assemblies in some of the town's schools and the College are legendary and he holds his audience spellbound.

I know that many people in many of our churches will be saying that this issue doesn't effect them because their church does not use Mark's talents at all. Well there are two replies to that as an answer the first is "You only need ask and Mark will find a slot and come and do youth work at your church" the second is "Mark's work is as much with non-church young people as it is with those who go to church regularly" Therefore we need as FACT to see ( and I admit its taken me a while to get this straight in my head because we don't use Mark at St Catharine's at the mo ) that its yet another outreach. Many of those who Mark helps and works in small groups and individually in the College are on the margins of society already in their young lives, for a whole variety of reasons. These are the very people that Our Lord Himself reached out to most and if we are committed to doing the Lord's work, then WE MUST try and keep the fund topped up to allow Mark to continue.

There are many places in the Bible where it says about different people having different talents and using them in different ways. We are all called to do different things in the Lord's name, and to do different tasks within the Church, some of which are highly specialised. Youth Work is one of those, and it is certainly not for everyone. In Mark we have found someone who can do this in a very special way, someone who uses his God given talents to the fullest.

To top up the Youth Worker Fund I have asked ALL Churches/Groups to come up with at least one fundraiser for the Autumn. At the Executive meeting on the 17th September, we will collate these dates and ideas and produce a timetable which will be circulated to all churches so that as many people as possible can attend from different churches. The more who attend the more money we will raise and the chances of keeping Mark are increased greatly. It doesn't matter if your fundraiser brings in 1000's or £10, what is important is that all members of FACT take ownership of this issue and do their bit.

Two events I already know about are :

Friday 25th September - Family quiz night at St Catharine's HALL time TBC (organised by RC Church)

Saturday 17th October - Skittles and Quiz Night at the Conservative Club (organised by Rook Lane )

If any individuals want to organise anything as a fundraiser, just let me know.

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