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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Healing on the Streets- Update

Today, 7 Christians drawn from several different churches started up this ministry. Edmund  has just emailed to say that he and the and team had a good day and after a prayer session amongst themselves they began, and despite fears that they might take a couple of sessions to get anyone to take up their offer...
This morning in just a couple of minutes two of our chairs were occupied and a pair from the team were kneeling beside them listening to their problems and praying in response to their need. And we continued to be encouraged as during the course of the morning seven more people accepted our invitation, sat on a chair, and were prayed for. Several asked us to pray for someone else, while others came with some specific need and others with a more general need for comfort and reassurance.
Edmund goes onto say
It would be great if we could relate some dramatic testimonies of instant healing, but there weren’t any today – but they will come. However each of those nine people were grateful and in some way or another experienced God’s love and peace We won’t know all that happens in answer to our prayers as we do not follow people up. However we do encourage them to come back, on a later occasion, should they want to ask for further prayer or to tell us what has happened to them.
This is good news and the fact that they received a positive response from passers by who took their leaflets was also a joy for the team. I went down around 12.30pm and it was good to see the positive atmosphere surrounding the project ( their presence was just public enough while not being too "in your face" ) and will be even better when the banner gets made.

They intend to go out again each fortnight and build on this ministry and hope that some more people will want to join them. You just need to talk it over with your minister and get their blessing and then get in touch with Edmund Phillimore so that training can be arranged. The team will be out again on 5th and 19th September and I know that they will appreciate your prayers for themselves and those they come into contact with.

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