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Friday, 28 August 2009

Remember to Sign Up !

There are lots of chances to volunteer to help with inter-church projects in the months ahead, and quite a few of them need you to sign up during the next month. Please, please look at the list and then choose one or more to sign up for. Your help is really needed and the more people who offer their services, the less work there is for everyone. If you don't know who to contact with regard to any of the projects, drop me a line and I will pass your offer on :

September 12th - Cheese Show Refreshment tent - 1 Hour serving teas or helping with children's corner ( see Church reps listed in earlier post )

September 26th - Carnival - programme sellers in afternoon and evening, collectors and marshalls in evening
( see Janet Caudwell or your HOPEFrome rep )

October 10th - HOPEFrome Litter Pick at River - 2 hours litter picking around the River Frome ( see your HOPEFrome rep )

October 8-11th Bible Reading Marathon - 15 minutes reading aloud from The Bible, stewards and refreshment helpers also needed ( see me or your clergy or Exec rep )

Ongoing - HOPEFrome Tea Caravan- 1 to 6 hours serving teas and offereing talk to those out on the town on a Friday and Saturday night ( see Gary Lee of HT or your HOPEFrome rep )

Remember that all these activities are our way of working in and with our community. They show the outside world that Christianity isn't just about being in a building for an hour on a Sunday praying and that when we do go outside it's not just to raise money ! You might not think of yourself as an evangelist, but we are all called to be that ( "Go out into the world and preach the Good News to all nations" ) and these activities are all chances to do that in an easy way.

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