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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Frome United Reformed Church

Frome United Reformed Church is situated in Whittox Lane, off Catherine Hill. Originally called Zion Congregational Chapel, it became known as the United Reformed Church in the 1970's with the creation of that denomination (a great act of ecumenism in itself and one which remains the blueprint for the ultimate goal of Church unity).

Standing on the site of an earlier place of worship, the chapel was built in 1810 with a major restructuring in 1888. The style of building is distinctly Italianate and is indeed reminiscent of some of the Basilicas in Rome (I wonder what the founders of Congregationalism would think of that!) The entrance leads into a newer addition which is a small chapel which can be used for more intimate worship, from this one goes to the chapel proper. The interior is a galleried Chapel with accommodation for worshippers in almost enclosed benches both in the chapel and the gallery. The Chapel contains artefacts including Communion Tables from other congregational chapels around the area. Behind the chapel worship area are a number of rooms of a mixture of sizes.

One interesting aspect of the grounds is an octagonal school room with a conical roof. It has been suggested that this was for the younger Sunday School scholars, so that they didn't disturb the worship in the chapel building. This is now sold off and is a studio.

Address : Whittox Lane, Frome, BA11 3BY

Photos : © Brendan Balhetchet LRPS

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