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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Frome Carnival

Yesterday I asked for volunteers for the Cheese Show FACT refreshment tent. Today is your chance to offer help to HOPEFrome who are offering their services to the Carnival committee. The carnival is another of those traditional Frome events which is key to the community and a highlight of the year for many people in the area. You can't move on the pavements for spectators for the evening procession, and there are good numbers out for the children's parade in the afternoon.

I've got to admit I never went to the Carnival before becoming a parent, but now have taken part in the children's procession twice and viewed the evening event for the last two years from the luxury of Wesley's raised forecourt ( well it helps if you're best mates with Anthony and Avril Williamson's youngest son ! )

The carnival has changed across the years, here's a bit of history from the carnival's website :

Carnival has been in Frome since 1929 having been founded by Mr Alan
Bennetttogether with others who worked at that time for Butler and Tanners, a
localprinting firm who are still one of the main employers in the town.Frome
carnival grew in popularity over the years and this was aided by the fact that
Mr Bennets daughter Hazel met and married Mr Roy Butler M.B.E. he became known as "Mr Carnival" and was well known in the community for his dedication to the carnival charity which was formed to help local people in need.It is now a
Registered Charity and the proceeds from the activities during carnival week are
used to help both local individuals and groups who are in need. Roy and Hazel
worked throughout their lives for Carnival and all it stands for.The way in
which the money is given has changed a little over the years as coal was the
main item that individuals were in need of. Now with the help of our trustees,
we have been able to help the Local Hospital with necessary equipment, the local
scout group with a water supply at their local camp site and tents, Riding for
the Disabled, play groups and many others who have needed assistance.
SocialServices and the local Citizens Advice Bureau both approach us for help
withcases that they come across, but anyone can approach us if they or someone
they know is in need

The money raised by the carnival is an important as the
entertainment given and if the biggest amount is to be collected then as many collectors as possible along the route ( as well as programme sellers are needed ) The committee have not always found it easy to get people to come forward and therefore HOPEFrome offered its services. This is a chance to get the HOPEFrome brand across to a bigger audience than would normally see its work, and yet again a chance
to reach out to those who the churches would not normally have contact. As with all HOPEFrome events it is in no way overtly evangelistic but our involvement may just be the thing which prompts someone to find out more about our faith.

Giving a bit of time to this cause is also a good way for FACT to repay the help the
carnival committee has given across the years to us, by marshaling the Whit March. Incidentally marshalling for the carnival is another of the tasks HOPEFrome has offered to help with.

If you could offer some help, either in the afternoon ( and you just might see me in the parade with Pepperbox nursery ) or in the evening it would be much appreciated.
Contact Janet Caudwell at St John's.

The date is Saturday 26th September 2009.

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