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Saturday, 31 October 2009

All Hallows Eve

The idea of celebrating a vigil on the eve of an important feast goes right back to the start of Christianity. Each Saturday night, the whole Christian community met together to pray and read scriptures and share fellowship together through the night in preparation for celebrating the day of Resurrection, which they did each and every Sunday. Today these vigils are confined to just the most important feasts ( Christmas, Easter and Pentecost ) but over time they have been associated with most important feasts and today, the 31st October was the one in preparation for the feast of All Hallows, or as we know it now All Saints.
So we are right to celebrate it as Christians, what we need to do make sure that the original idea of it being a vigil celebration of the Light of Christ overcoming the darkness of evil, and of light to guide spirits of the faithful to their true home in Heaven, in preparation for the feast of all who reside there, is what is celebrated.

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