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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cards for Good Causes

Each year, St John's Church hosts a Christmas card shop with a difference. Here you can get cards for a variety of charities. Although many of us are cutting down on the number of cards which we send locally ( I personally don't send to people I will see to wish a Merry Christmas in person ) and a lot of churches have a collective card for everyone to sign up to and give the money to charity, this is a good opportunity to buy cards which will help others. There are a wide variety of cards available from different charities ( and the charity is clearly marked so if you want to support a particular charity, or indeed if your conscience on issues such as stem cell research mean you want to avoid certain organisations you have the option ) including the RNLI, RNIB, Children's Society, Cancer Research etc.
This is an ecumenical project and I am sure that Colin and Janet etc will welcome offers of helpers with open arms when the card shop is open until the beginning of December. Its also one of those opportunities for the Church to make contact with the un-churched, as many of the customers will not have any religious affiliation.
By the way there is also the opportunity to buy St John's Christmas cards which help with the restoration fund of our "mother" church in Frome.

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