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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

St Mary's the virgin Anglican Church, Innox Hill, Frome

The first thing that you notice about St Mary's is the way the Church Hall links the church and the vicarage. Having been built as a unit, they are a handsome set together.

The octagonal sancutary is beautifully and highly decorated and rounds this smallish church off well.

It is outside that the distinctives style can be seen. Unusually there are two bells towers. Just above the sanctuary is a short spire containing a single bell ( presumably a consecration bell ) while at the West end is a carrilion with three bells and some rather fine finials.

Built originally as a chapel of ease for St Johns in 1863/4 in conjunction with the rebuilding/reordering work on St Johns, its interior is unplastered.

Photo : © Brendan Balhetchet LRPS

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