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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

St Catharine's Roman Catholic Church, Frome

Today we look at the newest of our Church buildings. Built in 1968 to replace the 1928 church which now serves as the church hall. It is hexangonal in shape ( as were all ancient churches named after martyrs ) with a conical roof. This roof was originally see through ( and there were no other windows ) but it leaked terribly and had to be made solid. Further extention work was done in 1991, allowing for more seating and the much needed addition of windows for natural light. The present church seats around 200 and is made of breeze block, which is neither rendered on the outside or plastered on the inside.  It needs to be remembered that historically this church was one of the first to be built following the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council and its architecture reflects this.

The altar has two crosses carved into the pillars. One is smooth and one is rough, and they represent the good and bad thieves crucified either side of Christ. The Stations of the Cross are unique. Created by a Trowbridge artist they are Oriental in style. The motif of the Rising Sun is visible in each other apart from the last two, when of course the "Sun" has gone out.

The Blessed Sacrament chapel is built in memorial to Monsgnieur Ronald Knox, who completed his famous translation of the Bible while resident in the parish.

There are three almost life-sized statues, one of Our Lady of Lourdes, one of the Sacred Heart and one of St Therese of Liseux.
Address : 4 Park Road, Frome BA11 1EU

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