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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Frome's Very Own Christian Heroes

Each Saturday this blog brings you the lives of Christian Heroes from around the world. Today I want to celebrate 166 of Frome's own heroes - those who read in the Bible Reading Marathon : -

Ann Burgess Christ Church CE

David Brinn St Catharine’s RC

Neil Maxted Christ Church CE

Ross Frooms Christ Church CE

Mandy Hulme St Katherine’s CE

Alan Hawker Beckington CE

Peter Price Bishop of Taunton

Paul Stoddart St Catharine’s RC

Sally White Christ Church CE

Derek Gill Christ Church CE

Jean Gill Christ Church CE

John Eyles Christ Church CE

Beryl Eyles Christ Church CE

Colin Alysbury St John’s CE

Marian Alysbury St John’s CE

Ronal Jarret Holy Trinity CE

Patsy Stephenson Christ Church CE

Gwyneth Philips Wesley Methodist

Ward Jones Bristol Methodist District Chairman

David Clarke Holy Trinity CE

Richard Loveless Holy Trinity CE

Frances Loveless Holy Trinity CE

Cynthia Smith Christ Church CE

Tony Sermon St Catharine’s RC

Teresa Sermon St Catharine’s RC

Colm Hand St Catharine’s RC

Shelia Hand St Catharine’s RC

David Hannant Christ Church

Maggie Hannant Christ Church

Joan Pippet St Catharine’s RC

Elizabeth Feltoe St Catharine’s RC

Christina Philimore Beckington CE

Edmund Philimore Beckington CE

Jo Perkins St Catharine’s RC

Diane Ellis St Mary’s CE

Adrian West Holy Trinity CE

Sarah Baker Holy Trinity CE

Liz Neame St Catharine’s RC

Nina Paulin St Catharine’s RC

Jeff Day St Catharine’s RC

Leanne Edwards St Catharine’s RC

John Scott St Catharine’s RC

Sarah Jocelyn St Dominic’s RC

Simon McKie Beckington CE

Mike Mori Holy Trinity CE

Pat Siderfin St Katherine’s CE

Stephen Siderfin St Katherine’s CE

Dorothy-Ann Bryant Holy Trinity CE

Anna Vickers-Barber St Catharine’s RC

Janet Caudwell St John’s

David Barge St Mary’s CE

Anne Steele Frome URC

Ashley Elliot Frome URC

Damon Hooton Mayor of Frome

Catherine Jones St Catharine’s RC

Gary Lee Holy Trinity CE

Chris Kowalik St Catharine’s RC

Alicia Kowalik St Catharine’s RC

Peter Baker St Catharine’s RC

Patricia Baker St Catharine’s RC

Joe Parkmanis St Mary’s CE

Hilary Parkmanis St Mary’s CE

Alan Burgess St John’s CE

Di Burroughs Frome URC

Martin King St Catharine’s RC

Barbara Robbins St Mary’s CE

Jill Warren Wesley Methodist

Richard Philips Wesley Methodist

Jean Fraser Wesley Methodist

Christine Milne Wesley Methodist

Christine Milns Wesley Methodist

Margaret Abel Wesley Methodist

Molly Butler Wesley Methodist

Veronica Price St Catharine’s RC

Richard Pinnock Christ Church CE

Ann Febrey St Catharine’s RC

Brendan Balhatchet St Catharine’s RC

Gudula Balhatchet St Catharine’s RC

Carol Ellis St John’s CE

Lyn Vranch St John’s CE

Patrick Williamson St Catharine’s RC

Lisa Gauntlett St Catharine’s RC

David Revell Holy Trinity CE

Val Baker Portway Methodist

Val Payne St John’s CE

G Massey St John’s CE

Tim Samler Beckington CE

Ann Samler Beckington CE

Rosemary McCormick St John’s CE

Vera Crossman St John’s CE

Valerie Wheeler St John’s CE

Mary Heritage St John’s CE

George Pritchard Postlebury CE

Margaret Pritchard Postlebury CE

Tallulah St John’s First

Joe St John’s First

James St John’s First

Evie St John’s First

Emily St John’s First

Oliver St John’s First

Harry St John’s First

Lottie St John’s First

Henry St John’s First

Pam Dukes St John’s First

Ryan St John’s First

Kaitlin St John’s First

Lily St John’s First

Michael Bellman St John’s CE

Margaret Shelton St John’s CE

Win Webber St John’s CE

Morag Smitherman St John’s CE

John Henderson St John’s CE

Marian Webb Postlebury CE

Iris Fletcher St John’s CE

Carey Barlow St John’s CE

Judith Millican St Catharine’s CE

Monica Sandy Wesley Methodist

John Winterbourne St John’s CE

Simon Cox St Mary’s CE

E Gilbert St John’s CE

Debbie Godwin St Catharine’s RC

Paul Godwin St Catharine’s RC

Teresa Reynolds St Catharine’s RC

Claire Ibbotson St Catharine’s RC

Terry Bushell St John’s CE

Lois Bushell St John’s CE

Jen Culliford St John’s CE

Jim Culliford St John’s CE

Gerry James St Catharine’s RC

Geraldine James St Catharine’s RC

Isaac Rhodes St Catharine’s RC

Kay Rhodes St Catharine’s RC

Jacinta Rhodes St Catharine’s RC

Patricia Netley St Catharine’s RC

Maggie Lawton St Catharine’s RC

Chris Lawton St Catharine’s RC

Deborah Littlewood St Catharine’s RC

Natasha Littlewood St Catharine’s RC

Sarah James Wesley Methodist

Shirley Smith Wesley Methodist

Neil McCormick St John’s CE

Diana McDonald St Catharine’s RC

Coral Jones-Williams St Mary’s CE

Isobel George Beckington CE

Martin Weymont Mells CE

Molly Haydon Holy Trinity CE

Maggie Hancocks Holy Trinity CE

Graham Owen Holy Trinity CE

Alan Somerville Holy Trinity CE

Elizabeth Langdon St Catharine’s RC

Freda Davies Postlebury CE

Joe Krige St Catharine’s RC

Frances Krige St Catharine’s RC

Clare Krige St Catharine’s RC

Seph Krige St Catharine’s RC

Lesley Owen Holy Trinity CE

David Groesch-Miller Moderator URC SW

Sam Brinn St Catharine’s RC

David Wakefield Holy Trinity CE

Elizabeth Wakefield Holy Trinity CE

Clare Asquith St Dominic’s RC

David Heath MP for Somerton and Frome

John Chappell Holy Trinity CE

Nick Cooper Frome Baptist

Benjamin Taylor Frome Christian Fellowship

Gina Parsons Rook Lane Congregational

Yvonne Ellis Wesley Methodist

Each is a hero beacuse together they acheived something remarkable last week.

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