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Sunday, 11 October 2009

And they said it couldn't be done !

At 10.35am this morning the 165th individual reader got to the end of Rev 21, leaving only Rev 22 for Ann Burgess to read at our United Worship. We did it !!!!! In nearly 300 slots of 15 we covered the whole Bible and we delayed the start of the news on BBC Radio Somerset so that they could cover the start of it all live on Thursday.

A huge thank you to everyone. The great things for me were 1 ) The sheer number of people who said how much they enjoyed it and how much they got out of it 2 ) The people who said they met Christians from churches they hadn't met before 3 ) The way people turned up ! Only one person didn't do their slot in the end, with people swapping and shuffling etc  4 ) The fact that people turned up to see if they could get a slot, having heard what fun it was proving 5 ) The sense of teamwork which pervaded it all 6 ) The fact that many of those who were involved weren't the usual suspects who do FACT stuff and certainly weren't those who their ministers would expect to read in church.

It might have been rushed at times to fit it in but we proved it could be done.

One thing which stuck in my mind last night. I heard all 4 Passion narratives within the space of a couple of hours and quite unrehearsed and without hearing the others, each reader left a poignant pause at the words "and breathed his last " or "gave up his Spirit". Now that's the Holy Spirit working in us.

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