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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

St Andrews Anglican Church, Mells

St Andrew's Mells has many things to recommend it to anyone interested in art and architecture. Dating from the late 15th Century with mid 19th century restoration, its tower is mid 16th Century. The tower ( 104ft high) contains a 17th Century clock and a peal of 8 bells. The earliest of these bells is from 1717 and they can be heard chiming out familiar hymn tunes.

The church owes a lot of the art etc inside to its connections with the manor house, which is next door. Originally owned by the Horner family, and later the Asquiths ( Kathrine Horner married Raymond Asquith, the son of the Prime Minister ) their connections with members of the arts and crafts movement and their successors meant that there are many beautiful features in the church.

There is a most unusual equestrian memorial to Edward Horner, killed like his brother in law Raymond in the First World War. Created by Alfred Mullings ( noted for his horse paintings, this being a rare sculpture ) and sitting on a base reminiscent of the Cenotaph. This shouldn't be a surprise because both were created by Edwin Lutyens.

Other notable works in the church include items a tapestry and peacock memorial plaque designed by Burne-Jones.

The church seats 230 but perhaps of the most interest to many visitors to the church is the churchyard. This is because of the graves there, which include members of the Horner and Asquith families ( they continue to be buried there, though they are now Roman Catholics, ) war poet Siegfried Sassoon and Catholic scholar and writer Mgr Ronald Knox.

Address : Church Street, Mells, BA11 3PW

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