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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bible Marathon - Less than a day to go.

There have been times when I felt we would never get there, but despite some last minute hitches and drop outs ( and some new recruits ! ) we are there. Its still not to late to sign up and if you're flexible then we should be able to get you a slot !

Do come along and be there to listen if you can, you never know what you will hear and which parts of the Bible you might discover !
If you can come and help steward and help with the admin of the days even for a short while then it will be most appreciated- especially by your harassed chair !

If you haven't had chance to sponsor a reader there will be collecting buckets there for you to drop something in for the people of Zimbabwe.

Please pray for the success of this event.

If you want to listen live to the start of the Marathon then it will be on BBC Radio Somerset at just before 8am in the morning !!!!

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