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Thursday, 22 October 2009

True Halloween Party

For many years, FACT through the Holiday Bible Club has held "An Alternative to Halloween" party for children. At a recent exec meeting it was decided that the word alternative was wrong. After all Halloween is from All Hallows Eve and is therefore a Christian Festival ( albeit with links to earlier druidical ones ), so using the word alternative is belittling a Christian festival which has been hijacked. Before the witches and goblins and gore became what it was all about ( and I even saw a poster at our Leisure Centre today saying "Celebrate Halloween with a £1 Gym membership ) the festival was and still is, a celebration of the Light of Christ overcoming the darkness of evil. The pumpkin lantern with its light drives away the evil spirits its doesn't need the gruesome face.

So we are now calling it a True Halloween Party, where children will be exposed to the Light of Christ and His message rather than to the darkness portrayed and encouraged by the shops ! And as a sign of how well things are going for us as Churches at the moment in Frome and how our co-operation knows now boundaries, It will be held on two consecutive nights !

Friday 30th 5-7pm at Holy Trinity Hall - Party
Saturday 31st 5-7pm at St Catharine's Hall - Puppet making workshop

Do encourage all children ( not just church families ) to attend, these are for ALL children from 5-10years of age.

Lets pray for our hard working Holiday Bible Club team as they ( and indeed us ) attempt to get the true meaning of Halloween across.

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